Explore the possibilities of transdermal drug delivery

in a de-risked early collaboration model. 

We can quickly test passive transdermal delivery of your drug(s) in our Topicon™ formulation and determine complete dose range, maximum flux, and toxicology data in 2-3 months* for over 100 drugs simultaneously--all of which you own in a fee-for-service model. This model significantly lowers the cost of development for you, and allows you to react to internal and market conditions, paying only for promising results. 

[*Assuming drug assay is already developed]

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Topicon transdermal platform technology--

shaping the future of drug delivery

Prometheon Pharma was founded on the patented Topicon™ platform technology for the development of TruePatch™ products that offer a convenient and painless alternative to frequent injections of drugs such as insulin. TruePatch™ products are also first-in-class thermosensitive matrix (ThermoMatrix™) passive delivery patches. They maintain prolonged stability of a perishable large or small molecule drug in a solid matrix at room temperature (25°C) without need for refrigeration. Upon application and warming to 30-32°C average skin temperature,  the drug-containing ThermoMatrix™ transitions to a dermoadhesive gel that commences constant and consistent drug delivery for up to 7 days. 

Prometheon is concurrently developing a heat-resistant patch (HeatWave™) that will maintain the stability of perishable drugs in equatorial regions of the world where the mean annual average temperature may exceed 32°C, and where cold chain capabilities are lacking. Needle-free, heat-resistant, biodegradable Topicon™ patches will minimize the need for cold storage, do away with the paraphernalia associated with administration by needle injection, and eliminate biohazard waste.