Breakthrough product. Excellent market conditions.

Clear, phased path to revenue.

Prometheon will be uniquely positioned with multiple revenue streams in advance of the basal insulin TruePatch™ product launch, with potential products that align all stakeholders, mitigating risk for our investors. 

De-risked industry partnership model

We have created a de-risked partnership model, whereby we provide a fee-for-service as a Contract Research Organization that industry pays to test their compound(s) in an optimized Topicon™ formulation to assess feasibility for achieving suitable bioavailability--be it a new pipeline drug or a target generic for repurposing. Promising results would lead to small animal studies that move the partnership towards a relationship that generates an out-license payment to further fund product development through the conduct of large animal studies leading to human clinical trials. 

Broad perspective on passive drug delivery

Our patented Topicon™ formulation may have broader applications beyond once weekly needle-free passive transdermal drug delivery of peptide/protein drugs. Topicon™ may have the ability not only to deliver many classes of drugs (large and small). It may allow be used to develop super extended-wear patch products (up to 3 weeks). We are exploring the ability of Topicon™ gel or drop formulations to deliver drugs passively across physical barriers other than skin. These include mucosal surfaces such as the lining of the cervix (transcervical), the outer surface of the eye (transcorneal), the ear drum (transtympanic), and across finger/toe nails (transungual). 

Please review our business development materials. The 2nd tranche of our $10M seed round is now open to accredited investors, angel/venture funds, investment banks, and industry partners. When you are ready, please contact us.