Prometheon Pharma Completes Pilot Study of Insulin Patch in Mini-Pigs

Prometheon has completed both privately funded and industry-sponsored large animal pilot studies of their needle-free insulin TruePatch™. Early results of testing completed in August 2016 had already confirmed that Prometheon's extended-wear insulin patch works to lower blood glucose levels in a type 1 diabetic mini-pig model. These studies compared patch vs. subcutaneous needle injection delivery of the long-acting insulin analogue called glargine (LANTUS®). Glargine for administration by injection are available as biosimilars from several other global generics manufacturers (e.g. BASAGLAR®, BASALIN®). Similar studies with other generic and modified insulins will identify the ideal insulins to use in both long-acting (basal) and rapid-acting (bolus) insulin patches, as well as address the need for heat-resistant patches for use in warm weather climates or low-resource settings where refrigeration is not available for retail distribution or home storage. 

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